A downloadable racket-vulkan

This is a Racket package that generates Racket bindings for Vulkan. Use this for next-gen game engines, simulations, and research applications. The source code is available on GitHub along with detailed documentation.

  • Use the raw Vulkan API from Racket. You can follow Vulkan tutorials written for C and C++ using Racket!
  • Supports Vulkan 1.1 and future updates to the specification.
  • Generate code that opts-in to safety and conveniences.
  • Express graphics and compute applications using any domain-specific language you want.
  • Active developer support

Quick Start

To install the package, you will need to download Racket. Once installed, you will have the raco command available on your system. You can then run the below commands to install this project and view the documentation.

raco pkg install vulkan
raco doc vulkan

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